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Basket of Wool Icons - Doodle Icons

  • $3.25

Are you looking for fun planner icons for your planning needs. This planner sticker sheet is perfect for that! Each sticker sheet comes in 2 different colour ways meaning you can pick the sticker sheet that suits your planning needs the best. These planner icon stickers are perfect for your functional planning needs as well as your decorative planning needs. Suitable for all planners and planning types.

Each sticker sheet is 1/4 size with a varying amount of icons based on the icon size/type. Each sheet is printed on regular matte paper making it both thin to prevent planner bulking and vibrant enough to still look amazing in your planner. You have the option to pick between pastels or pinks sheets.

Please note whilst all care is taken to produce products as pictured, please be aware that all items are handmade to order by myself and slight variations may occur.